MAXIAMP® Underground Cablebus System awarded “Product of the Year” by Consulting-Specifying Engineer Magazine!

CSE Magazine Product of the Year: MAXIAMP Underground Cable Bus

United Wire & Cable is pleased to announce that the company’s MAXIAMP® Underground Cablebus System has been named the Product of the Year by the readers of Consulting-Specifying Engineer magazine in the Electrical Systems & Equipment category.

MAXIAMP® Underground Cablebus is the most technically advanced below grade power feeder system on the market. It is typically used as a primary, secondary, or backup power feeder from 1000A to 8000A and 480V to 46kV.

MAXIAMP® Underground is a fully engineered system that combines a MAXIAMP® Cablebus with a proprietary, specially designed ventilated trench that enables the power feeder system to achieve free air ampacity rating below grade. Achieving free air ampacity rating enables three key advantages for MAXIAMP® Underground:

  • Smaller and/or fewer cables can be used to deliver the same amount of power – resulting in cost savings.
  • The system requires significantly less space underground to install comparative to a typical duct bank installation.
  • It requires less labor and time to install when compared to a duct bank of similar routing.

“We are extremely honored and proud to receive this award from such a well-respected magazine” said Bill Baldasti, General Manager of United Wire & Cable. “MAXIAMP® Underground was developed to solve the challenges faced when designing or installing a concrete duct bank. Notably: the amount of real estate required, and the amount of derating that the cables in the duct bank system are subjected to. The positive response to MAXIAMP® Underground by the engineering and electrical installer community has left us humbled.”

MAXIAMP® Underground Cablebus has been used to safely and reliably provide power for some of the largest data centers, battery energy storage systems (BESS), industrial and municipal projects across the United States, Canada and the Caribbean.

MAXIAMP® Cablebus System is certified by CSA to the CSA C22.2 No.273 Cablebus standard.  MAXIAMP® Underground US PAT. NO. 10,141,731. Canadian Patent Pending.

To learn more about MAXIAMP® and MAXIAMP® Underground, visit our website at or or contact our Technical Team toll free at
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MAXIAMP is CSA 273 CertifiedUnited Wire & Cable is proud to announce that MAXIAMP has become the first and only Cablebus System certified by CSA to its rigorous C22.2 No.273 Cablebus standard.

The CSA 273 Certification is a true testament to the quality and reliability of MAXIAMP Cablebus” says Raffi Morcos, P.Eng of United Wire & Cable.  “MAXIAMP provides tremendous flexibility to engineers during the design phase, effortless installation for contractors and years of unmatched reliability for the owner”.

We designed MAXIAMP cable bus from the outset to be the most technically advanced power feeder system available.” Said the late Bob Pawluk, P.Eng, founder of United Wire & Cable and lead inventor. “Anyone who requires a power feeder system today with a load in the range of 1000A to 8000A and voltages of 600V and up should contact us to learn how MAXIAMP cable bus can provide a lower total cost of installation and ownership.

Installing MAXIAMP Cablebus certified by CSA to C22.2 No. 273 ensures you are installing the highest quality, most reliable cablebus on the market.

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