United Wire & Cable is a full line supplier of insulated power, control and instrumentation cables, fiber optic cables, bare overhead wire and special custom design cables.

United Wire & Cable also provides services centered around the power cable industry.

Array of Power Cables

We provide a wide array of Power Cables. Here are the power cables United Wire & Cable are currently supplying:

  • EPR/XLPE Power Cable (CSA, UL, ICEA) 600V to 230kV
  • Teck/IA/RA-90 Cable (CSA, UL, ICEA) 600V to 46kV
  • UD/URD CN Cable (CSA, UL, ICEA) 600V to 35kV
  • Pre-assembled aerial cable 600V to 35kV
  • PILC (self-contained) 5kV to 46kV
  • Portable cable 1kV to 15kV

United Wire & Cable can provide the follow services:

  • Technical direction and inspection on cable installations
  • Manufacturing inspection
  • Investigative systems failure evaluation
  • Power cable oriented technical training courses
  • Turn-key installations