United Wire & Cable’s product line features the most innovative products in the market today. Whether you are running long lengths of cable within a mineshaft or require feeder systems in any environment, our products provide the best solution.

MAXIAMP Multi-Circuit Metal Barrier

Maxiamp Cable Bus

The best cable bus system out in the market today!

Hi-Tensile Verlok

Hi-Tensile Verlok®

The original all-in-one mineshaft cable solution, complete with built-in high tensile strength pulling members. Safe, reliable and easy to install, the Hi-Tensile Verlok® mineshaft cable provides the best solution.

Spiker with available powerloads

Spiker Safety Tool

An indispensable tool for your field technicians! Never doubt whether a cable is grounded or not.

Power Cables

United Wire & Cable provides the highest quality power cables in the market with 30 years of experience in the high power industry.